Quickly, before I wrap up this day I sit down here with my thoughts to write a few of them on my blog. Because my blog sits here waiting until I can run from pillar to post and then neatly arrange the thoughts in my mind to form a structured post. Today, (and some others... Continue Reading →

Tipping the scales. Or not.

Etiquette got thrown out of the window and was trampled by the passing truck. I have been meaning to write this post for long now, however, I feel I'm not assertive enough. In spite of my shortcoming, I shall try nonetheless. Much is said about how it's rude to address a fat woman as fat.... Continue Reading →

When all is not Blue and Red

I don't know why some people would type only in title case or stick chewed gum under the bus seat. I don't know why it's okay for some girls to chase local trains in heels or tweet about their crush all day. I don't know why most people would choose burger without cheese and why... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations

The elevator of the building I stay in doesn't work. It's on its death bed. Sometimes, it finds the courage to shuttle people between floors and at others it's resting, groaning, and waiting for Almighty to call its name. When I leave for office, it doesn't work. When I return from office, it doesn't work.... Continue Reading →

Writing at Work…and Thinking

It's been a while I've written something for myself. Mostly, I attribute the negligence to this space to the fact that I do a lot of writing at work, and I'm almost, always saturated. I can't bring myself to write some more. Fortunately, for me, my work entails something I really like doing—writing. These days,... Continue Reading →

“all that” money and me!

It's a peculiar way in which eye-openers come darting at you. They're there even before you know it. Mine came last night, in the form of the ledger balance available in my account. After registering the shock and composing myself saying "it's okay, I'm young, I can afford to spend that kind of money once in a while", I woke... Continue Reading →

The Precious Festival that is Life!

I've been living in a city for some time now. The city I have lived in, is like any other—busy, crowded, pseudo-purposeful, full of chaos, and hurried. While no one looks at the clouds above in a city, they exist. Even though no one acknowledges the forgotten trees that abound, they stand quietly in the... Continue Reading →

Decision Making – Buying a Smartphone!

Why did the chicken cross the road? **** I've been contemplating getting a new phone ever since the smartphone fight began before snowballing into a full-fledged battle. I've seen it all—right from the first version of the Android, to the launch of the iPhone 4, to the dip in Nokia sales thanks to the wide... Continue Reading →

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