Proof of a Famous Adage – Part 1

So, after my admission of sadness yesterday, I went home. I did not know what to do with my time in the bus. I just sat still, and looked out of the window. I was phone-less, music-player-less, book-less, so I just sat and stared outside. And I pondered over my situation. I missed a friend I used to be... Continue Reading →

Care to Care?

Every day, on my way to work, I see school children—hardly 4 feet in height, donning a neatly ironed uniform, sporting freshly combed hair and flashing their ID cards on their chests. Tiny tots tottering away to school; oblivious to the mad, erratic, and self-consumed world around them. I’m assuming that their day starts with... Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails?

The other day, over breakfast in office, we were talking about human beheading. Yes, extremely gross a topic to talk about over hot and gooey sabudana vada, and I did my best to resist throwing up. We were talking about how human beheading existed in parts of India as a means of worship and how... Continue Reading →

B for Boredom

Honestly, I am so bored to even write this post. Bored to put pen to paper (yes, those things still exist) and bored to string words. In the last one year my life has been pretty exciting. Pretty good. Touchwood. And 3 days of boredom is more than what I can take. Yeah, in the... Continue Reading →


It’s in there. Right there where all those precious treasures you possess belong. It’s been there for as long as you’ve known. No one has put it there. Not anyone that you know of. It lies in a cushioned bed of pink, of red, of blue, of white or any colour of your choice. And... Continue Reading →

Letters from the Past!

Prologue: There are 3 ways in which you can read this post; One: if you are a poetry person just read the poem that is in italics. Two: if you are a prose person, ignore the poem read the paragraphs only. Three: read the whole post at a stretch. When in calm waters my ship sails I’ll... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable Silence!

Communication these days is limited to 140 and 160 characters. I’m obviously talking about Twitter and SMS respectively. Earlier I thought that maybe our grasping levels had dipped due to which we needed to resort to just an average of 150 characters but I have to do some re-thinking now. I follow Barkha Dutt and... Continue Reading →

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