Have you seen her yet?

The spider-coloured leaves fall on the ground. She’s wrapped in a burgundy turtle-neck sweater and a black jacket. A deep purple scarf gently caresses her neck. A bucket hat with a small, silken black bow sits on her head. Her auburn hair falls softly on her shoulders and kisses her occasionally when the wind blows.... Continue Reading →

The Window Seat

There’s this friend I was trying to counsel. Yes, that sounds a little pompous considering I’m the one who needs a little help right now, but anyway. Ok so, we were talking... no wait... he was talking. After a long time of self-inflicted, ego-boosting, surreptitious muteness that makes a man proud of the fact that... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 7

I'm writing this post mainly because I'm rather bored to write about the 'Economic Policies of India during the British Rule'. So, here goes the story of the inception (that's a Christopher Nolan trademark now) of this post. I happened to read a Facebook post ages ago that asked you to list down 25 random things about yourself. I wrote 25... Continue Reading →

What’s Cooking?

I’ve been following the TV series ‘Masterchef Autralia’ and I so love it! Infact, I remember, I used to follow a show called ‘Nigella Feasts’ by Nigella Lawson some years ago, before the cable service turned into the DTH service and my favourite channels went missing on our cable. I rarely see TV ever since... Continue Reading →


Like the creaky wheel of an old cart and a rickety rickshaw rideLike the sooty kettle on a black stoveand the shine in my blind mother's eye.Like the bullock that ploughs the fieldand the well that goes down deepLike the post office at the end of the laneand dried hay that lies on a heapLike... Continue Reading →


Eve: Adam, do u love me?Adam: Who else? And hence, began a long story, one that continues till date. I have not checked the facts to find out how long ago those statements could have been said. But I’m sure it was eons ago. History recounts that Eve came into existence from Adam’s rib (and... Continue Reading →

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