I’ve written this for no apparent reason. So don’t ask me why?

25. I do paint my nails once in a while. That is because generally I’m too busy biting them to have any nails to paint at all.

24. I talk to my sister about a myriad of things. We never agree on a whole lot of points but nonetheless we talk. She does the talking these days. First-year-engineering-syndrome-of-crying I call it.

23. I do write lots and lots and lots of trash at times.

22. Thank whoever for inventing SMS. I am addicted to it.

21. I don’t watch a lot of movies that I should and want to. I hate that about myself. Don’t know why I can’t find the time?

20. Sometimes I’m just doing something that amounts to doing nothing. And doing nothing should be unacceptable as we should do something all the time. (This contradicts the previous point.)

19. I’m on this spree of doing all that I have not done in three and a half years of college. I’m living life like there is no tomorrow. Don’t ask me why? I don’t know either.

18. I’m yearning and yearning to read a really good piece of poetry that will touch my heart. (Anyone listening?)

17. I wear a ring that I absolutely love. Absolutely! It’s a plain silver ring and I can’t do without wearing it.

16. Recently I realised it is so difficult to dress up like a ‘typical’ girl. It takes a lot of effort. Now I’m glad to be back in my white shirt and light blue jeans.

15. I can’t sleep at night if I don’t pray for all the people I love immensely.

14. I’m too inattentive to notice the changes in the weather these days. I only notice that it is too hot or too cold when my sister points it out to me.

13. I’ve become a HUGE fan of Gulzar saab’s poetry. Some lyrics that he has written are exceptional! And all others are mind-blowing.

12. Somehow most of the clothes I wear these days are black. And somehow it seems like everyone is wearing too much black these days.

11. I attended a graphology (hand-writing analysis) workshop recently. It was amazing! I met that female for the first time in my life and she described me with great accuracy just by looking at my handwriting!

10. I’m on the lookout for a new pair of footwear. Again! (Not surprising in the least.)

9. I can unscramble 6 and 7 letter words in less than half a minute. I can! (I don’t mind if anyone wants to prove me wrong.)

8. I don’t remember what date it is today. It is the same case everyday until I pick my diary to write in. (Only of late and I don’t write my diary everyday.)

7. Thanks to writing all of this I have realised I’m getting too forgetful.

6. I’m itching to write an assignment. I’m missing the monotony of the grind!

5. By now, I’ve scratched my head a lot to write this. I’m beginning to realise it isn’t as easy as it looks.

4. I’m a month into my last semester and I still don’t have my text books. (It’s normal I guess?)

3. I love my satchel (6 yrs old), my watch (11 yrs old), my pendant (almost 1 year old), my pencil (2 yrs old) and my cell (2 yrs old). I’m emotionally attached to these material things.

2. I have an intuition that rocks! (Sometimes it’s very irritating too) I guess it’s a Piscean trait after all!

1. I can do better than this!

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