There are times, like right now, when I don’t know what to write about. Though, I want to but, I don’t know what it should be. On a regular basis I write everything from poems to articles to my diary and even letters (Yes, I know in this e-age people don’t write letters, but I do). Though I do try to ask myself why? I do not get an answer. My alter-ego is in hibernation. Actually, I don’t talk to her much these days so I guess she is just angry with me. So what do I do when I don’t know what to write about, I ask myself? And I answer. I write this piece for reasons unknown to me. So what is on my mind these days? The soundtrack of Delhi-6. My results. Orthographic Projections. My new Blog post. College Festival. My cell phone’s wallpaper. And, the weird dreams that disturb me every night! That doesn’t sound like much! Then why does it seem like much?

I’m not distressed or anything. But I think it does happen to you at times, when you feel that life is moving at breakneck speed and you don’t have time to stop for fuel. (Well, in that case you will have to stop sometime anyway!) I don’t read a lot of spiritual books. When I need spiritual answers I ask my alter-ego or I just say my silent prayer. (This piece doesn’t seem to be going anywhere).

Somehow I’m yearning to listen to really good music. Not the kind that is all over the place these days. Somehow the music these days doesn’t touch my heart. A couple of good Hindi songs do strike a chord in me but that’s that. Mind you, just a couple of them. My current favourite seems to be ‘Rehna Tu’ from Delhi-6. I like the poetry in the song. That reminds me, I have been alien to a soul-stirring piece of poetry for long too. (If anyone has any suggestions about a great poem let me know.)

The last time I wrote something was a terribly framed formal letter for someone. And I guess I’ve transcended limits in writing crap with this one. I just hope it is a pardonable offence. (Once in a while is fine.) Right now I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson singing-‘Behind these hazel eyes’ I like the song. I like the way she has changed scales in the entire song. (I’m not sure if the terminology is right.) I sound so confused to me. Do I sound so to you too?

Anyway I wrote this for myself. And you don’t really have to make sense to yourself all the time. (1 Message Received.) Vodafone makes a lot of profit because of me and my SMSing rate. Sometimes the entire world seems to want to talk to me at the same time. It’s too much at times. This makes me want to go to an isolated place with a lot of greenery and water. With no one to hang out with. No communication. Just me and myself! I feel like eating something so this is it for now. (I’m sane ok.)

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