2015 Resolutions? Well, Why Not?

Here’s my impromptu, unplanned list of resolutions for 2015. Of course, I’m just building on what I imagine the future to be. I think that basing your future decisions on the past is a misunderstanding. It causes one to be prejudiced about what is to come rather than open up and embrace what is to arrive. However, I have tried to keep my resolutions such that they’re going to be habits that I will inculcate. For the big things and the little ones too, I’m going to keep an open mind.

Here’s my list of Dos and Don’ts.


  • Write one poem and one short story every month
  • Free my mind
  • Oil my hair once a week
  • Read Crime and Punishment, at least
  • Spend less and manage finances better
  • Exercise for 10 minutes daily
  • Eat less sugar and bread
  • Talk to brain and empower self
  • Watch one out-of-the-world movie once in 3 months
  • Complete the first draft of my book
  • Make my characters do versus think
  • Be nice to people I don’t like; it’s maturity, not hypocrisy
  • Pick my battles and always remember, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.”
  • Write regular emails to friends
  • Observe more
  • Learn something that I don’t like (like I learned MS Excel in 2014)
  • Learn how to cook more of mom’s dishes
  • Plan. For something. Anything.
  • Love more. Laugh more. Live more.
  • Put self before everything else; as a means of preservation rather than selfishness
  • Read more magazines and essays


  • Publicize blog posts on Facebook
  • Get angry with someone who will not care
  • Write trash
  • Stay holed inside the house/office unless there is a calamity or a riot; even if it means taking a walk to buy toothpaste
  • Suffer fools
  • Show my weak side to people
  • Drink cola
  • Indulge in self-criticism or negativity
  • Be afraid
  • Waste time
  • Buy things I will never use
  • Forget that what works will always work
  • Take responsibility for others’ misgivings
  • Be lazy

So far, this is what it is. Yesterday, my sister sent me a picture of a 2015 Book Challenge that is doing the rounds. I think I may do this as well. Until the next post, a very happy new year to you.

Be unbounded.
Collect your joy.
Say your thanks.
And kick some ass.

Via: http://9gag.com/gag/a8bQeNe
Via: http://9gag.com/gag/a8bQeNe

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